Adopt a Christmas Tree

Adopt a Christmas Tree

This is the holiday season and the first thing to do to enter the “Ho-Ho-Ho spirit” is decorate the Christmas tree. Every year, in the UK only, we dispose six million of Christmas trees by the end of the season (you can read more here).

In case of a real tree, it will take years to decompose in the landfill, releasing methane which is said to have 25 times the potency of carbon dioxide. If you dispose an artificial tree, you already know it will take several human lifetimes to decompose and will most probably end up in the ocean as part of the seventh continent (of plastic).

If you dispose an artificial tree, you already know it will take several human lifetimes to decompose

So, if you already have an artificial Christmas tree, please maintain it until it is very old and ugly or if you want to change the Christmas decoration this year you can donate your old tree to charity institutions, voluntary organizations or even to a friend who changed apartment.

If you have a real Christmas tree and you don’t have a shredder to transform it into wood for your or some friend’s fireplace, you can contact your local council and ask if they run a Christmas tree recycling program which takes trees and turns them into wood chippings and compost to be used in public parks and gardens.

Renting a tree

You can also rent a tree, isn’t it great? No artificial tree on the top of your bedroom closet the all year or occupying the car space in the garage and no dumping a real tree in the dumpster. You just pay, choose and take it back at the end of the Holiday season or rent it with the transport service included and you just have to be at home. You can rent one here (and by doing it you are helping the volunteer firefighters) or here. We advise you to research in your own country since most European countries like Germany or France already have start-ups for renting Christmas trees.

It works a little like adoption: you bring it home, treat it well and take it back so it can be replanted and free for renting in the upcoming year to another family. With this, you can have a sustainable Christmas while the only guilty pleasure is all the food and Christmas puddings you will eat. We still have the wrapping paper problem, but we will talk about that next week.

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