How do I wear my Garbag?
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“My upcycled bag looks great among the forests of Belgium!”

Bike Handlebar Bag
@ Auderghem / Belgium

“Taking it anywhere I go!”

Document Holder
@ Paris / France

“I love my calorie-free upcycled gifts!”

Pencil Case
@ Kamakura / Japan

“In a prominent place. Even at home!”

@ Bologna / Italy

“My Garbag is a part of nature without any doubts!”

Flapmebag XL
@ Granada / Spain

“Protecting my smartphone even when I climb the tallest tree!”

@ Geneve / Switzerland

“My Garbag helping me facing monsters!”

Flapmebag M
@ Lisbon / Portugal

“This orange MiniGardoc is always the center of attention!”

@Bruges / Belgium

“My sunny bag is with me anywhere!”

Flapmebag XS
@Porto / Portugal

“The right choice for real bikers!”

@ Bavaria / Germany

“One more way to use my Garpencil!”

Pencil case
@ De Haan / Belgium

“It helps keep my mind fresh!”

Tetrapak purse
@ Garbags / Lisbon

“Difficult to forget about my meal!”

Lunch bag
@ Koln / Germany

“It keep me inspired to write my notes on how to change the World!”

@ Bordeaux / France

“Indispensable bag exploring the city’s secrets!”

Espresso bag
@ Bruges / Belgium

“Can you keep a secret? I just love my new document holder!”

@ Porto / Portugal

“Riding my bike was never so pleasant!”

@ Countryside / Portugal

“It’s so comfortable! I can’t help but carry it with me everywhere I go!”

@ Porto / Portugal

“My smartphone and a light aroma of coffee are with me wherever I am.”

Mobile case
@ Ghent / Belgium

“Perfect size to discover a new town! It fits all!”

Flapmebag XL
@ Porto / Portugal

“Milky memories from my holiday!”

Tetrapak coin purse
@ France

“My 2 in 1 Garbag is just perfect for my chill-out shopping at the market!”

Garbag4bike mini
@ Algarve / Portugal

“A colorful ride at the park.”

@ Helsinki / Finland

“With me exploring amazing landscapes.”

@ Mongolia

“My Garbag makes me happy with any weather!”

Irish bag
@ Dresden / Germany

“Together on holidays!”

@ Instanbul / Turkey

“My Garbag makes me smile!”

@ Athens / Greece

“Garbag at the Big Apple!”

Caramelly bag
@ New York / USA

“Perfect size for my stuff!”

@ Porto / Portugal

“My iPad travels safer than ever!”

iPad case
@ Pisa / Italy

“Waterproof for the waterfall.”

Mobile case
@ Minnamurra Rainforest / Australia

“Even the cows want a Garbag!”

Frappuccino bag
@ Holland

“Happy with my eco-gifts!”

Mobile case & Garpencil
@ Brescia / Italy

“And it fits all the kids stuff!”

Flapmebag XL
@London / UK

“With me even at the football match…”

Capuccino Bag
@ Lisbon / Portugal

“Useful everyday!”

Coffee latte bag
@ São Paulo / Brazil

“Following the traffic rules!”

iPhone case on the road

“Enjoying last summer days…”

Coffee latte bag
@ Ilha das Palmas / Brazil

“My Garbag comes with me wherever I go.”

Caramelly bag
@ Sydney / Australia

“… and I don’t even drink coffee.”

Flapmebag XL
@ Sydney / Australia

“I proudly show my wallet to everybody!”

Document Holder
@ Brussels / Belgium