Wrapping Paper: It's a Wrap!

Wrapping Paper: It’s a Wrap!

One of the biggest waste problems during Christmas season is the huge amount of wrapping paper that is spent and wasted. In the UK only, it will be disposed something like 108 million rolls of wrapping paper. Learn a bit more about the numbers here.

In the UK only, it will be disposed something like 108 million rolls of wrapping paper.

One of the main problems of the wrapping paper, besides the huge amount of waste that Christmas promotes, is all the glitter and plastic that is found in the wrapping papers and cannot be recycled. This means that all the sparkling glitter will end inside a fish’s belly as microplastic (and one day inside yours). If you think how long it takes for you to unwrap a Christmas gift you can have a much clear view on the terrible waste it is. All the money you spend on paper, laces and bags, when all we want is the gift inside. Even the tape we use to stick the Christmas packages together can and should be avoided.

We have some suggestions in order to help you as we are applying it here on Garbags. As an alternative to tape, you can secure your wrapping with a natural fiber like raffia or plain string as it was commonly used in the old days before the tape (so you are offering a charming vintage wrapping!). Even a coloured wool or cotton string is fun and original and it can also work as a ribbon. Regarding the wrapping paper, there is a simple test you can do to see if it is recyclable: scrunch the paper, if it holds it is recyclable if it unfolds itself than it is just pure waste for landfill. You can use brown paper, journals (why not? You can even choose to send some message in the package), reused boxes, tote bags you no longer need or you can use the Japanese Furoshiki that use fabric to wrap gifts with a wide variety of folding technics you can learn here.

Try digital cards

On top of this, there are a lot of people that like to offer cards along with the gifts, but the same problem applies regarding the glitter and plastic they have. You can instead send a digital card or if your grandmother can’t handle it you can use recyclable cards – and if you really want her to be all glittery after opening the present you can use this biodegradable glitter.

Whatever is your choice, please think that less is more and what’s the important is being with whom you love in peace and harmony!

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